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Camping Without Bear Spray? Just Pour Honey All Over Yourself And Charge A Mamma Bear’s Cubs

Are you planning on camping in an area that has even the slightest chance of you seeing a bear? Are you planning on doing this camping without having bear spray of any kind on you at all times? If the answer is yes I have another idea for you, why don’t you just douse yourself in honey or hang a raw steak around your neck (or both) and just go charging at the first bear cub you see. It is obvious from the fact that you are not bringing bear spray on your trip that you are the type that throws caution, as well as common sense and basic safety measures, to the wind.

It should be obvious that I am being extremely facetious and by no means should you ever go near a bear and certainly never so much as entertain the idea of approaching a bear’s cub unless your goal is to be mauled to death. As ridiculous as the opening paragraph of this blog was I find it only slightly more ridiculous than even so much as considering the thought of camping without bear spray present. It just doesn’t make any sense not to bring along bear repellent of some kind if there is any chance of seeing a bear where you are camping and when you consider how cheap bear repellent spray is and how easy it is to secure it makes the notion of camping without it that much more ridiculous.

The best thing about bear spray is the simple fact that it is extremely effective, some studies have even shown it to be as effective, if not more effective, than most firearms in thwarting a bear attack. The second best thing about bear spray is that, unlike a firearm, the creature does not have to die in order to save yourself. Let’s remember that we are in the bears home and in almost any attack we are not dealing with a blood-thirsty, man-eating creature but a confused and potentially frightened bear that is doing what it thinks it must to protect itself or it’s offspring (very much like most humans would).

Bear spray works exactly like pepper spray does on humans, in fact the active ingredients are exactly the same. And just as pepper spray is extremely effective on a human attacker so is bear spray on a bear attacker. Bear repellent spray causes intense, but temporary, pain and swelling in the bear’s mucus membranes which can also cause temporary blindness as it can with humans. This gives you ample time to exit the premises immediately and should also have the bear doing the exact same thing in most cases.

So please, for your sake and for the sake of your loved ones, always take bear spray with when going camping in any area where a bear has even the slightest chance of being seen and for the love of all that is holy have it on you at all times. Bear repellent will do you no good if you don’t have it when a bear is ready to attack.

Stay Safe,

Carl Vouer

Backyard Camping: A Great Way to Introduce This Activity to Kids

One of the best ways to introduce outdoor camping to your kids is to plan a backyard camping in your own home. They will surely be so excited about the whole thing. Instead of pushing them to experience camping in parks or campsites far away from home, let them have their first taste of this kind of outdoor activity right in your own backyard. They would not be spooked by the idea of camping because they are in a familiar place. You can start by bringing out your outdoor camping tents and let them help you put it up.

Next, you can even make a pretend campfire by using top-of-the-line camping gear. They have this easy to use Road Trip Pack-Away Portable Fireplace and Grill that can serve as an outdoor fireplace and a grill at the same time. It is also a great way to introduce making s’mores while telling them funny stories. It is also the perfect time to introduce night sounds to them especially the hooting of the owls. They may not hear them but discussing it with them during this backyard camping will somehow allay some of their fears. If you can make them understand that they are natural sounds, they will be somehow forewarned about it and will not freak out when the time comes that you bring them over to a real campsite.

Before the actual backyard camping activity, make sure you check your outdoor camping tents. It will be too bad if there are bugs crawling inside it when your kids are trying to sleep. It has to be in a great working condition so you can efficiently encourage your kids about the joy in camping. It is even better if you use high quality camping equipment for the activity. They are not only durable but also easy-to-use. You had also better prepare them for the nightly bathroom visits. You need to discuss with them that they should not go anywhere without waking you up. It will also be great if you can convince them not to drink for an hour before sleeping time.

Camping also means playing many outdoor games and it will not take a long time for them to be convinced that it is one great activity that the family can do together. You can also discuss to them how to stay quiet during evenings so as not to disturb other people. You can do this activity several times before embarking in an outdoor camping far away from the comforts of your own home. However, make sure that your child is ready for it. After using mockup campfire on the first night, try introducing how to build a real campfire to your kids on the next day.

Talk to them about the danger that an uncontrollable fire can do to people and things. Teach them the do’s and the don’ts of campfire building. Guide them on how to do it but make sure that they understand that they still need adult supervision when they build one. When they sleep at night, make sure you have a lantern in handy so you can easily give light just in case your kids want them. Just make sure that they are battery-operated and they are safe to use inside the tent. Coleman camping equipment can make your camping lessons even more memorable.